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We will need access to your CPanel in order to setup your MySQL database & upload your website.

If you do not have a domain - here are a few options:

Ensure that your hosting package are sufficient for a Joomla 3 website. Instead of typing all the necessary requirements here, we suggest you ask your hosting company for the smallest package for a Joomla 3 site.



Please provide us with the best quality logo you have (we will usually use your logo as the starting point of your website's design - also need it to know the colours that we can use on your website).

If you do not have a logo, we can either design one for you @ R500 OR we will just use your Company's Name typed out.



If your slogan is not part of the logo, but you want it to appear on your website, please provide us with your company's slogan.



Your Frontpage is the first impression visitors get of your website & its content.

Options for your frontpage:

  • Introduction paragraph
  • Welcome message
  • Summary of your company
  • Slideshow (use images that give an idea of who you are or what you do)
  • Quicklinks to the rest of your pages (e.g. An introduction sentence to a specific page with a READ MORE link to the page & a small image)
  • ABOUT US information

Try to keep your frontpage from being "cluttered", "confusing" OR "empty".

Remember, you want to keep visitors to your site and not lose them with within the first 5 seconds of opening your website page.



What pages do you want to appear on your website?

What is the framework of the content on your site? Will all the links be in one line, or will some form part of a dropdown menu?

We will need the content (text & images) for each page.


  • About Us (Background; Team; History; Mission & Vision; Business Plan)
  • Services (what you offer)
  • Products (All in one group or in categories)
  • Resources (Brochures, Links, PDF's)
  • Projects (what are you busy with; What is completed; What are your plans for the future)
  • Programs (Do you offer any programs?)
  • Gallery
  • News (Your company's news; News concerning your product/service)
  • Contact Us



How can visitors contact you?

  • Phone numbers
  • Email addresses (will also be used for the email form)
  • Address (will also be used to setup a Google Map)
  • Social Media Links (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Google+)



We will need images to add to your gallery



Do you want your website to link to another site?



  • Catalogue
  • Flippingbooks
  • Calender
  • Blog
  • and more...